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Floating Candles



Gone is the time when candles were used only for their functionality of providing lighting. Now they are used to not just light up the place, but also to add to the decor and ambiance of a place. They are used in restaurants, homes, churches and even outdoors.

There are several kinds of candles available- pillar candles, floating candles, LED pillar candles, taper candles, votives, scented candles, candles of different sizes, shapes and colors. You can select the kind depending on your need. If you wish to use them in bulk, like in restaurants, you can order wholesale candles from wholesale candle suppliers.

Floating candles are candles which are designed to float in water. Floating candles can add a touch of magic to a dinner party, wedding or to any seasonal event. This is especially so when they are used floating in a clear bowl with a few flowers. One can make them at home too.

To make floating candles you need to place water in a double boiler and bring it to boil. Next you add paraffin into the double boiler bowl and ensure that the paraffin melts. Then you a add in the essential oil. Ensure that you stir the melted paraffin using a wooden spoon. Next you arrange the moulds on a flat surface. Gradually and carefully pour the melted paraffin into the moulds. Doing it slowly helps prevent the creation of air bubbles. 

Now let the moulds rest till they have partially set. Once they feel a little more substantial but are not set, insert the candle wick into each candle. Remove from moulds once they are completely set and they are ready to float in your decorative bowl. Alternatively, you can purchase block wax, melt it, and pour it into molds which are suitable for floating candles

If you do not have moulds, you can always use candle holders as moulds. Remember that in order to float, the top must be significantly wider then the base. They are designed thus so that they will remain stable as they burn, rather than tipping, listing, or inverting themselves

If you do not wish to make the floating candles at home, there are several stores from where you could buy floating candles -departmental stores, supermarkets and online stores. Many candle stores sell floating candles, and they can also be ordered directly from candle manufacturers.

Floating candles are often used at outdoor parties with pools. The floating candles are scattered across the pool.This creates a great visual effect, and also warns guests about the presence of the water. A dinner table can be beautifies with the candles suspended in a large dish of water.

The main advantage for floating candles is that they carry few safety risks. You will however need to ensure that the flammable materials are kept away from the sides of the water. This is to make sure that the candles do not accidentally set something alight if they drift against the edges.

So what happens when the floating candles are done burning? They eventually sink and extinguish themselves.


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