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Floating Candles

Gone is the time when candles were used only for their functionality of providing lighting. Now they are used to not just light up the place, but also to add to the decor and ambiance of a place. They are used in restaurants, homes, churches and even outdoors.

There are several kinds of candles available- pillar candles, floating candles, LED pillar candles, taper candles, votives, scented candles, candles of different sizes, shapes and colors. You can select the kind depending on your need. If you wish to use them in bulk, like in restaurants, you can order wholesale candles from wholesale candle suppliers.

Floating candles are candles which are designed to float in water. Floating candles can add a touch of magic to a dinner party, wedding or to any seasonal event. This is especially so when they are used floating in a clear bowl with a few flowers. One can make them at home too.

To make floating candles you need to place water in a double boiler and bring it to boil. Next you add paraffin into the double boiler bowl and ensure that the paraffin melts. Then you a add in the essential oil. Ensure that you stir the melted paraffin using a wooden spoon. Next you arrange the moulds on a flat surface. Gradually and carefully pour the melted paraffin into the moulds. Doing it slowly helps prevent the creation of air bubbles. 

Now let the moulds rest till they have partially set. Once they feel a little more substantial but are not set, insert the candle wick into each candle. Remove from moulds once they are completely set and they are ready to float in your decorative bowl. Alternatively, you can purchase block wax, melt it, and pour it into molds which are suitable for floating candles

If you do not have moulds, you can always use candle holders as moulds. Remember that in order to float, the top must be significantly wider then the base. They are designed thus so that they will remain stable as they burn, rather than tipping, listing, or inverting themselves

If you do not wish to make the floating candles at home, there are several stores from where you could buy floating candles -departmental stores, supermarkets and online stores. Many candle stores sell floating candles, and they can also be ordered directly from candle manufacturers.

Floating candles are often used at outdoor parties with pools. The floating candles are scattered across the pool.This creates a great visual effect, and also warns guests about the presence of the water. A dinner table can be beautifies with the candles suspended in a large dish of water.

The main advantage for floating candles is that they carry few safety risks. You will however need to ensure that the flammable materials are kept away from the sides of the water. This is to make sure that the candles do not accidentally set something alight if they drift against the edges.

So what happens when the floating candles are done burning? They eventually sink and extinguish themselves.

Have you ever tried LED Candles

A candle is a solid block of wax that has an embedded wick. The wick is ignited to provide light and heat. In a long gone era, candles were also used as a method of keeping time. As the years went by, candles were used primarily as a source of light. Now they are used to add to the decor and ambiance of a place- homes, restaurants or outdoors.

Candles are a big part of our days. We see them all around us, in restaurants, in our homes, at parties and even outdoors. And there are so many different kinds to choose from- Votive Candles, Tea Light Candles, Taper candles, floating candles, LED pillar candles etc.

But keep in mind that candles pose as fire hazards and if not used wisely can end up burning the place down.

So say you want to create the ambience of a candle lit place, but you wish to do so without the fire hazards that come with it. How do you use candles without worrying that your toddler may knock it down? Remember your running cat is likely to knock down a lit candle and set the place on fire.

You can avoid all these dangers by using LED candles.

What are LED candles? They are accent lamps that are designed to look like real burning candles. However they do not have the potential dangers of candles. They are designed in such a way that the “wick” of an LED candle is recessed inside the candle body, as if the candle has partially burned. The top portion glows as if it were a wax candle. Often times, LED candles even flicker to simulate a real flame.

How useful are these LED candles? These candles are great for outdoor parties. At outdoor parties, the breeze could extinguish a real candle but not the LEDs. These candles are resistant to both wind and rain and hence can be used for barbeque parties. Kids can safely use LED candles in their rooms. These candles can also be used as night lamps.

LED candles are very realistic but without the problems that wax candles have. They are non messy and are very safe to use, even by little children since they do not drip wax.They can safely be used in programs at schools or at church services.

LED candles come in various colors and these can be used to decorate the room and match the color scheme of the room. LED Candles come in various hues of Green, red, yellow, and blue, as well as rainbow. These candles look realistic because of the flickering light they come with.

Since LED candles do not get hot or have dangerous flames, they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Remember LED candles make great gifts. Most of the LED candles are rechargeable, and hence they have a very low cost of maintenance. The battery life is very long the candles can last up to 350 hours.

Utility and Church Wax Candles

Candles are a big part of everyday life. They have moved from their utility of providing light to providing aesthetics to the place. There are several kinds of candles available and they are used in several places- Restaurants, Homes, Churches and outdoors.

In the church, there are different kinds of candles used such as Alter candles, Unity candles, vigil candles, Advent candles, Shabbat candles etc.

Candles are lit during official church services (called liturgy, such as Mass) to indicate the special solemnity of the occasion.

There are stands which have small banks of candles. People can light these candles. These candles are usually placed within small glass containers. They may or may not be colored. These candles are called "vigil lights". A vigil candle is a small candle that is kept burning in the chancel of Christian churches to symbolize the presence of the Holy Sacrament. It is also an altar light. This candle is lit by the worshipper for devotional purposes. These candles are kept burning at a shrine or before an icon. If you need to hold the vigil candles, you might need to use a Paper Bobeche Drip Protector.

Very often you can find them near a statue or icon of Mother Mary. These are called votive candles. These candles indicate that someone is praying about something particular. The prayer may be for themselves or on behalf of someone else. The word "votive" can also refer to a promise to pray for someone, as well as a wish for a certain outcome on behalf of someone, for example recovery of health.

An Advent candle is used to mark the days in December leading up to Christmas Eve. On each day in December the candle is burnt down a little more, to mark the day. Sometimes it can be turned into a Christmas decoration out of sprigs of evergreen or it can be put in a candlestick. Advent candles are traditionally white.

Shabbat candles are candles that are lit on Friday nights before sunset to usher in the Jewish Sabbath.

Tiny Taper Candles are short and skinny taper candles which burn for about an hour.

Mechanical Candle Refills are high quality wax mechanical candle refill with an excellent burn. These last for about 2.5 hours.

Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration held in the United States. One of the more important components of a Kwanzaa celebration is the use of Kwanzaa candles. The candle holder is called the Kinara and the black candle is placed at the center. All of the red candles are placed to the left of the black candle while all of the green candles are placed to the right of the black candle. Kwanzaa candles are usually tapered. The black candle is lit on the first day and on each successive day an additional candle is lit. One starts from the outer candles and works his or her way to the inner candles.


Excellent Lamps & Holders

Lamps are present in every home, office and store. A long time ago they were used only for lighting purposes but now are used to also for aesthetics. Every lamp needs a holder in order to complete the lighting system. A wrong choice of a lamp holder can lead to lost power and cause the lamps to not work effectively.

Lamps are listed with a rated voltage and wattage. One needs to ensure that the means provided to get power to the lamp from the power source is a good and effective one. Remember that over powering or under powering a lamp can have a large impact not only on the life of the lamp but also its spectral output.

For all the various kinds of lamps in the market, there are many common lamp holders used with lamps along with readily available options. These options include different wire lengths and threaded mounting holes.

Ensure that you follow the lamp holders' maximum ratings this are listed on the holder so you know if your lamp can be safely installed in each lamp holder. You need to remember that the maximum temperatures listed apply both to the wire used and also the ceramic upon which the lamp sits. Remember that the temperature at the ceramic will be much higher than along the wire.

Since lead wires are also subjected to extreme heat, Teflon or silicone insulation is commonly used for a minimum length of 125 millimeters from the lamp holder. This length of wire is normally supplied with the lamp holder.

For with halogen lamps rated at 50 watts and above, lamp holders of ceramic construction are used.

For halogen lamps rated at 35 watts and below, heat resistant phenolic plastic lamp holders are commonly used.

There are several lamp holders that are both functional as well as beautiful. One can find Beautiful Cast Iron Oil Lamp Holder Brackets or Cast Iron Swing Arm Oil Lamp Holder in the market. There are also Sconce Antique lamp holders available in the market.

Depending on the decor of your room, you can select from contemporary or rustic designs. You can also select from lamp holders that hold a single lamp or one that holds multiple lamps.

Complete your wedding ceremony with the use of Wedding Candles.

No wedding is complete without the beautiful glow cast by the many candles that decorate the venue. There is no fixed number of candles at weddings, and the different religious rites for weddings each suggest different numbers of candles.

At weddings, candles are just the normal ones used at Mass. Since most Catholic weddings take place with a Mass, the same candles are used. Sometimes the pastor may decide to use a Paschal.

 The candles at the altar are required. They represent the light of Christ and respect for the Mass itself.

 In the recent past, the unity candles have been added to the traditional wedding ceremony. This is very most popular in the United States. The unity candle ceremony uses two taper candles with a large pillar candle (called the "unity candle") in the center. The ceremony starts with a represetative from the brides and the grooms family lighting the taper candle. Then as the ceremony progresses, the bride and the groom use the taper candles to light the large pillar (the unity candle) together.

The unity candle is often decorated with the wedding invitation or an inscription and these candles are almost always white in color. The couple may then save the unity candle and relight it on anniversaries.

 Candles are also used as part of the décor. With the right wedding decoration ideas, and a little creativity along with some discount shopping can help a couple have an elegant, stylish event without breaking the bank. And it leaves guests feeling as if they were at a lavish event! Candles add romantic lighting to your event. And when bought at discounted rates, do not strain your budget. You can use garden style centerpieces surrounded by tea lights or votive candles for extra glitter, and place the candles on mirrored bases for elegant reflections.

The ambient light emitted from candles casts a beautiful glow. They can create a whimsical, romantic or elegant mood, and on the wedding day, all three qualities are essential. You can select from decorative candle favors, candelabras, votive candles, luminaries and even exquisite candle centerpieces.

Wedding candles are often used as centerpieces. The delicious food set out during the cocktail hour can be highlighted subtle votives . An enchanted dinner atmosphere can be created by hanging small candles from centerpiece branches. Of late, many brides are opting to replace traditional flower centerpieces entirely with candle centerpieces, an affordable alternative that also helps to set a memorable tone. These beautiful centerpieces can then double up at wedding favors. The couple can just invite the guests to take home one of the centerpieces at the end of the evening. These luminous favors make a memorable gift for your guests.

You can also choose to decorate the buffet table with pillars ir votives to set the right mood.

 Or if you wish to be creative, you can create a lighted walkway with luminary bags with the use of tea lights.

Why buy whole sale candles, Wholesale Candles Direct, Bulk Wholesale Candles

Candles have been around for centuries. They have moved from their functionality of providing just light to providing lighting with ambiance. They add decorative value to a place and event. No social function or religious one for that matter is complete without the use of candles.

 Candles are used at home as well as in churches, wedding halls, restaurants etc.

 Aromatic candles are used both as home décor as well as in wedding halls and at restaurants. When used in places that require the user to buy them in large quantities, it makes sense to buy them from a wholesale dealer of candles. Buying in wholesale helps you avail the discounts that you might not have availed of if you had bought them at a retail outlet.

 Spas and wellness centers see a large usage of aromatherapy candles. These candles need to be purchased in bulk if the owner of the spa has to reduce costs. Again, it helps to buy these candles from a wholesaler. Most of the aromatherapy centers obtain these candles in bulk as it is affordable that way.

 So when candles are so readily available at retailers, why should one order them from wholesalers?

 One important reason is that getting candles from a wholesale dealer is cost effective, hence very affordable. When one buys candles in bulk, one has access to a wide range of candles in various shades, measurements and styles. These fancy candles would have been very expensive at a retail outlet. But when bought in bulk they are affordable.

Most of the online stores that sell candles offer a discounted rate on the candles when they are sold in bulk.

 When ordered from the wholesellers, these Bulk orders are delivered promptly. Candle merchants make a neat profit when they buy wholesale candles. Reselling candles is not a really an easy thing to do. If not marketed well, the sellers do not get maximum profit. It is not always easy for the entrepreneur to locate a good wholesale candle seller. There are several various wholesale companies and when selecting one, you need to keep certain things in mind. The first thing to look for is reliability. The second is price. The wholesaler must be able to provide you good quality at low prices.

 You can also purchase wholesale candles by searching for liquidations and closeouts. That you can locate the candle manufacturers that sell their products wholesale to others who are going to resell the items. You will often need to provide your tax ID to buy these items wholesale.

 Before you buy the candles, you will need to figure out how many you wish to buy. That will depend on the reason for your purchase. You might want to buy candles in bulk, in order to gift them to friends and family for an occasion. Or you might wish to purchase them to resell them.

 Once you have decided on the number of candles, you will need to decide on the type and color of the candles. Then look for sellers that sell the candles in bulk. Buy your candles from the seller that offers the best price. Don't forget to factor the shipping cost into the total price of your order before deciding.

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