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Lamps are present in every home, office and store. A long time ago they were used only for lighting purposes but now are used to also for aesthetics. Every lamp needs a holder in order to complete the lighting system. A wrong choice of a lamp holder can lead to lost power and cause the lamps to not work effectively.

Lamps are listed with a rated voltage and wattage. One needs to ensure that the means provided to get power to the lamp from the power source is a good and effective one. Remember that over powering or under powering a lamp can have a large impact not only on the life of the lamp but also its spectral output.

For all the various kinds of lamps in the market, there are many common lamp holders used with lamps along with readily available options. These options include different wire lengths and threaded mounting holes.

Ensure that you follow the lamp holders' maximum ratings this are listed on the holder so you know if your lamp can be safely installed in each lamp holder. You need to remember that the maximum temperatures listed apply both to the wire used and also the ceramic upon which the lamp sits. Remember that the temperature at the ceramic will be much higher than along the wire.

Since lead wires are also subjected to extreme heat, Teflon or silicone insulation is commonly used for a minimum length of 125 millimeters from the lamp holder. This length of wire is normally supplied with the lamp holder.

For with halogen lamps rated at 50 watts and above, lamp holders of ceramic construction are used.

For halogen lamps rated at 35 watts and below, heat resistant phenolic plastic lamp holders are commonly used.

There are several lamp holders that are both functional as well as beautiful. One can find Beautiful Cast Iron Oil Lamp Holder Brackets or Cast Iron Swing Arm Oil Lamp Holder in the market. There are also Sconce Antique lamp holders available in the market.

Depending on the decor of your room, you can select from contemporary or rustic designs. You can also select from lamp holders that hold a single lamp or one that holds multiple lamps.


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